Planning a wedding

August 14, 2016

When I first started planning our wedding, I realised just how much choice there is for every single aspect of your wedding, from your dress, to the little details like wedding invitations, table numbers and seating plans. Then there are the expectations and traditions that you may feel you need to meet. It can all quickly become a little overwhelming. It’s really important to put all of that noise aside and concentrate on what you truly want your wedding day to be. Whether the expectations are actually there, or you think that they are, try to block them out, because it’s YOUR day and the last thing you want is to regret your decisions later on.

When planning a wedding, consider the following:

Be unapologetically YOU

Pick the dress you fall in love with, even if others don’t love it as much as you do. I toured many bridal boutiques and tried on a fair few dresses, but none of them felt right. In the end I took a risk and ordered online – and it was the best decision, because I finally felt like myself! You can see the top and skirt below.

Let it go

You’re not going to agree on everything – your mum, sister, aunty, best friend may have different opinions when it comes to all sorts of stuff, but that’s okay. Just as you wouldn’t expect to all like the same clothes, you won’t like the same colour schemes, decorations, venues.  By all means, take people’s advice, discuss different options, but please, don’t make decisions to satisfy others. All that matters is that you and your partner are happy with your choices, even if it means that your wedding will be a little different and not what everyone is used to.

Forget tradition

I’m not suggesting to forget all that is traditional about a wedding – but if there are particular aspects of the wedding day that you are not keen on, why keep them? We felt that we had to have a first dance, and so we reluctantly did. We felt awkward and with hindsight, wish we had saved ourselves the trouble. If you don’t fancy having a first dance either, get everyone to join you on the dancefloor instead! Don’t want to wear a white dress? There are plenty of beautiful dresses in all sorts of colours like grey, blush pink or even black! Head over to blogs such as Rock n Roll Bride or Rock My Wedding to find inspiration, and don’t forget to check out Pinterest if you haven’t already – it’s literally a sea of inspiration!

Enjoy the process

The likelihood is, your wedding will be the only event of this scale that you’ll get to organise. If like me, you enjoy organising things, make the most of it! It’s truly wonderful to be able to immerse yourself in all the details of your wedding and see it all come together. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

About a month ago I also had the pleasure of teaming up with some lovely creative ladies from Nottingham to create a soft and relaxed bridal look. I think it’s safe to say we did good! It really was a dream team, and I can’t wait to organise more styled shoots in the future, showcasing a different take on the traditional wedding.

Model: Safia from Blake Models

MUA: Caroline Kent

Studio: The Flour Mill Studio in Beeston

Flowers: Avant Garden

Jewellery: Keishi Jewellery

Skirt and top: BHLDN

Dress: Zara

Wedding Planning